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To attach the Cam Strap-QD, detach the quick disconnect and attach the loop end to your equipment in the same manner as the diagrams below. The plastic slide on the strap ensures a snug fit around the wrist for added security.

Recommended Connection Types for direct attachment with the Mini QD Loop

How to Attach a Mini QD Loop to your Camera

  1. 1. Thread small cord loop through connection point on camera.

  2. 2. Thread mini quick disconnect through opening of loop.

  3. 3. Pull mini quick disconnect to tighten knot.

Attaching a Mini QD Loop to camera lugs designed for split rings

  1. Cameras with lugs designed for use with split rings are typically not de-burred as precisely as other connectors; therefore, we recommend using split rings so that there is no risk of damage to the strap from being cut by sharp edges or burrs in the lug.