Leofoto DH-55 Panoramic Ball Head with Indexing Rotator |หัวบอล


– Diameter: 55mm
– Height: 75mm
– Mounting Screws: UNC1/4″-20
– Max Load: 15kg
– Net Weight: 409g

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Leofoto DH-55 indexing rotator kit
The tall Leofoto DH-55 indexing rotator kit consists of the DH-55 indexing rotator, the Arca-Swiss compatible DM-55 quick release and a BPL-50 quick release plate. The Leofoto DH-55 is taller than the DH-60, which makes it a bit more convenient to work with. The DH-55 is equipped with three adjustment screws and can be adjusted to a total of 10 points for perfectly fitting panoramic photos. The base plate has a diameter of 55mm and, in addition to a 3/8-inch tripod screw, is also equipped with an Arca-Swiss quick release.
Indexing rotator of aircraft aluminum
The Leofoto DH-55 indexing rotator kit is made of lightweight, black anodized aircraft aluminum for high durability and low weight. All parts are CNC-machined from single pieces of metal for maximum stability. The total weight of the DH-55 kit, despite its large height of 75mm, is only 409 grams including quick release plate. The maximum carrying capacity of the DH-55 is no less than 15 kilos and thanks to the 55mm wide base plate you have maximum support for all possible types of tripod heads and macro rails. So you can handle almost any job with this professional indexing rotator.
Arca-Swiss DM-55 quick release
You place the 55mm wide DM-55 Arca-Swiss quick release on top of the DH-55 using the 1/4-inch tripod screw and an adapter ring. The 50mm long and 38m wide Arca-Swiss BPL-50 quick-release plate secures you with the set screw. The DM-55 features a level on the camera plate and a level in the set screw, allowing you to set the DH-55 kit perfectly horizontal. You then attach the complete indexing rotator with the 3/8-inch tripod screw to a tripod or with the help of the Arca-Swiss quick-release foot to, for example, a macro rail or ball head.
Indexing rotator for panoramic photography
An indexing rotator is used in panorama photography to adjust very precisely the intervals between shots for perfectly matching panorama photos. Because of the automatic stops when you rotate the base plate, you never miss a crucial transition in your panorama, and you also don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the degree scale for adjustment. The Leofoto DH-55 has the option of up to 10 intervals from 5º to 90º. The intervals are distributed as follows: 5° (72 stops), 10° (36 stops), 11.25°(32 stops), 18°(20 stops), 22.5°(16 stops), 30°(12 stops), 36°(10 stops), 45°(8 stops), 60°(6 stops) and 90°(4 stops).